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Are Easter lilies poisonous to a dog or a cat?
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Easter lilies are everywhere this time of year, but many people do not know that the Easter lily along with Tiger, Asiatic, and Stargazer lilies, are dangerous, and potentially fatal to cats. If a cat ingests 2-3 petals or leaves, pollen or water from the vase, it can result in acute kidney failure. Some signs,   Read Full Article

Xylitol Deadly To Dogs
Xylitol Deadly To Dogs
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Xylitol is a natural sweetener that it is often used in sugar-free chewing gum and many other low calorie snacks. It is safe for humans, but Xylitol is estimated to be 100 times more toxic to dogs than chocolate. The ASPCA’s poison control center received close to 4,000 calls last year and there were at,   Read Full Article