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Available Services: Dogs

  • Full Groom includes bath, brush out, nail trim,
    ear cleaning and clipping. Starting at $75.00
  • Full Bath includes bath, brush out,
    nail trim, ear cleaning, and light trim if required.
    short hair-single coat breeds start at $50.00
    short hair-double coat breeds start at $55.00
    Medium to long hair breeds Start at $60.00
  • Flea Treatment additional $10.00-$25.00
  • Skunk Treatment additional $10.00-$25.00
  • Medicated shampoo additional $5.00

Available Services: Cats

  • Full Groom includes bath ,nail trim, and ear
    cleaning Short hair start at $50.00
    Medium hair start at $60.00
  • Lion clips and shave downs start at $80.00
    **Additional charges for severe matting
  • Soft Paws nail caps $20.00 Available in
    assorted colors and sizes.

Nail trimming $12.00

Nail Filing 20.00

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take off matted dog
Is the Snow Causing Your Dog To Mat?
Posted on 16-Mar 2017 By Julie Hugo

Watching your dog jump and tunnel in the snow is a guaranteed way to bring a smile to your face on a cold winter’s day. But once your dog is inside and all the snow has dried,

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