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Are Easter lilies poisonous to a dog or a cat?

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easter lilyEaster lilies are everywhere this time of year, but many people do not know that the Easter lily along with Tiger, Asiatic, and Stargazer lilies, are dangerous, and potentially fatal to cats. If a cat ingests 2-3 petals or leaves, pollen or water from the vase, it can result in acute kidney failure. Some signs to look for if you think your cat has in eaten a leaf will be vomiting, which then may subside, lack of appetite and your cat will appear to be depressed. If your cat consumes any part of the plant, bring your cat and the plant immediately to the veterinarian for medical care. The quicker you receive treatment, which may include induced vomiting and intravenous fluids, the better the prognosis. It is imperative that care is received within 18 hours of ingesting the leaves or damage to the kidneys will be irreversible. Fortunately for dogs the plant is not toxic, but ingesting the leaves may leave your pooch with an upset stomach. If you have an Easter lily in your house be sure to keep it out of reach of your kitty and when a leaf or bloom dies cut if off the plant before it falls to the ground so your cat will not have a chance to eat it.