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A La Carte

Specialty Shampoo –

Oatmeal, Medicated or Flea. $5-$10

Deshedding Treatment –

A special conditioning solution of natural oat proteins and aloe strengthens hair shafts and releases loose hair and undercoat and a deshedding tool is used to remove excess hair. $5-$10 (based on size of pet)

Blueberry Facial –

A tearless blueberry face wash relaxes your pet while it cleans and brightens the face leaving it soft and kissable. $5

Bubble Bath Pawdicure –

A relaxing 10 minute soak in a bubbly vanilla and milk thistle paw bath. This helps prevent or treat damage from hot pavement in summer and salt in the winter. We trim the hair in the pads and apply an aloe enriched paw cream. $10

Dental Brushing –

Teeth are brushed with toothpaste formulated specifically for dogs or cats. $5

Plaque Treatment –

After a pretreatment gel has set on your dog or cat’s teeth, a water pik is used to irrigate the mouth and gums to remove any loose plaque and debris. $15

Ear Cleaning $3

Nail Filed $10

Ear Plucking $5

Anal Gland Expression $5

Nail Clipping $5