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Is the Snow Causing Your Dog To Mat?

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Watching your dog jump and tunnel in the snow is a guaranteed way to bring a smile to your face on a cold winter’s day. But once your dog is inside and all the snow has dried from his or her coat the reality that your pet is starting to mat sets in. The mat actually starts to form once the snow contacts the skin’s surface and the mat can become sever without appearing so. Most owners only brush the top of the surface hair, unaware the entire time that the mats are winding tighter and tighter underneath. So when the dog finally goes to be groomed the owner is left with two unpleasant choices … stress the dog by tearing apart the mats or shave the dog to the skin.

To prevent the mats from occurring you can either let the snow melt from the coat and then brush the coat all the way to the skin or use warm water to wash out the ice then brush the coat. Ask your groomer to show you the most effective brush out methods and tools for your breed of dog. A few other options are to take your pet to your groomer for a brush out between regular grooming’s or keep your pup at a more manageable length so brush outs after the snow are quick and easy for you and your furry friend.